Friday, May 2, 2008

A New Beginning

Well although the month of May is just beginning, I am already feeling many changes in my life. I went ahead and applied for another job, but have yet to hear anything. It would be a totally different kind of nursing and would require about a year of paid, in-house training, but I am totally up for the challenge. My hours would be wayyyy better and I would only take two nights and one weekend day of call A MONTH. The position I'm referring to is as a surgery nurse in the main OR at Saint Luke's, the hospital I am currently working at. I'm not getting my hopes up yet but I am HOPING! I informed my manager yesterday of my interest in that job, but only after I had heard that she has hired 7 new nurses in the last month or so to fill all the shoes of everyone who is leaving. I approached her calmly, saying something to the affect of: "Susan! I hear you hired 7 new nurses!" At this point the two other people in the room said, "uh, I'll see ya later!" It seems that a good majority of the nurses on my floor are feeling the same urgency as I am to look for another job, hence the fact that my manager has hired so many more nurses. I think East 7 (the floor I am on) is just so diverse and SO busy that it is a good starting point for a lot of nurses, and then after awhile they find it's time for something else. So anyway, I guess I'll keep you posted on this situation.

I'm feeling MUCH better than I was about a week and a half ago, but I still fight a slight sore throat every once in awhile. I've decided that these frequent, drastic changes in weather aren't helping, but I've been taking this Super Trio of vitamins from NSP and so far they seem to really be helping.

Well Alex just called and said he was on his way back to work from the Truman Medical Center ER because he was having a really bad jaw ache, enough to hinder his chewing even. Apparently he has an infection somewhere under his teeth, so I get to be the lucky one to go pick up his antibiotic. I guess I need to make a trip to Wally World anyway to pick up some new pillows. Mine are getting to be flatter than a pancake. By the way, Alex has put in an offer on a house only a few blocks away from me. We're hoping that that the fact that his offer is about 25 thousand less than the asking price will be bypassed. hehe I mean, it is going into foreclosure, so surely they'll take it. Surely.

Oh, in other news-Kansas City had a mini-hurricane last night, as I like to call it. Winds were up to almost 80 mph and I guess a lot of areas had some substantial damage. Thankfully, nothing in my possession was affected. But unfortunately, my car was still there in the morning. Darn. I was hoping it would either get magically swept away by the wind and rain, or hail would somehow pummel it to its last death. But no, just a few leaves to scrape off the hood. Maybe next time.

Alright, off to Wal Mart. Updates to come.