Sunday, August 17, 2008

Side Note

Just wanted to post a quick thought.

In the last couple weeks, I've been mulling over some life issues that seem to be growing bigger and more important every day. They are issues that have no easy answer, and whatever the answers are, are very life-changing. They really are not negative or harmful issues, just decisions about where my life is going.

I just read a quick comment from my cousin Cheri. She was wishing me a happy birthday, but also gave me some "birthday advice" which I found to be very thoughtful. She said: "Treasure every day. Time goes so fast! My birthday advice is don't be in a hurry for what comes next, be present in each moment and fully enjoy today! Every season of life holds such joy." I feel that that this is not only advice for me personally, but for everyone.

In addition, sometimes I wish I was one of those people that just didn't care about the decisions in life, and just flew by the seat of my pants. But then who knows what this world would be like if there wasn't anyone to care? And what would my future look like? Umph, being 25 is harder than 24 was. Rats.

So in closing, please pray for my guidance. I am attempting to really take in cousin C's advice, but also hope for a "right" answer, preferably sooner than later :)

Night night everyone.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Birthday Blog

As I roll into the ripe age of 25, I'm thinking to myself everything that I have been through to get here. Even in the last year, the experiences and everyday challenges that I have encountered have made me into a whole new person. I'm thankful that I am alive and breathing and looking forward to another quarter of a century!!

I've tried starting this post several times, only to be my goal today is to post something. August has been one of those months where you think yourself "I didn't think life could get busier than it already was!" Oh but it did. Not only did Alex finally close on new his house and get all of his stuff moved, I bought a car (finally) and have put my 'ole Eclipse up for sale. I also just found out a couple days ago that I was approved for the promotion that I had worked so hard on to become an RN II. This basically means I take on a few more education hours, but I also get a bit of a pay increase. This is good, partly because any new job I take, I can now say that I was an "RN II" instead of an "RN I," and they will also have to match my new pay. So this is good, for many reasons.

I've been trying to help Alex as much as I can get settled into his new house, but it has been a bit difficult because he is doing a lot of the "updates" after moving in. So it becomes frustrating when things have to be fixed before you can settle in! Such as: no vents/ducts for the AC or heat to the bedrooms; otherwise a central air and heated house. Carpet in the kitchen is dah-scusting!! We'll pull it up eventually and put down some tiling, or something. Wood paneling intermittently throughout the house needs something done to it. I hate wood paneling. Need a couple more ceiling fans. Need to haul out the decaying pile of wood in the back yard. Needless to say, there are termites underneath it. (Thank goodness not in the house yet, but Alex has set up a home-yard-system to prevent the little devils from migrating.) Probably every room needs re-painted. Bathroom really needs re-done, but at least needs an exhaust fan and some new lighting for now. Needs molding around the front inside windows along with some curtains. (Very scary at night to have that open for everyone to see in.) And the list goes on....but you get the picture. So there are projects for Alex [and I] for about the next 5 years, if we're lucky. I am grateful, though, to be able to be partaking in this exciting time in Alex's life. (I do [secretly] hope that we'll someday be able to make this "our" project, if you know what I mean. Anyway.

So, my birthday is today. Alex and I celebrated together last night with dinner at my favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) and then a free movie, thanks to a gift from the credit union that I got my car loan from. We saw Step Brothers, a ridiculous comedy with Will Ferrell and John Reilly. We had to see a stupid comedy, I guess, because that's what Alex and I traditionally go to. We couldn't break the tradition now, I suppose! It was funny, though, just not movie of the year. So then tonight Alex is going to a bachelor party for one of his best friends from high school and I will probably meet up with some of my friends for some good old food and frolicking.

No pictures of the house or car yet, bu
t when they come available, I'll post a few. Here's a few from the past month.

This is Jake, at Alex's old apartment, laying with his head sticking out the blinds. He loved to be able to see outside.

My little loves, resting on the couch. It's been a tiring couple of months.

One of my good friends from college, Jennifer, and I at a sorority sister's wedding. She is actually getting ready to start her PHd program in history at the University of Florida in a couple of weeks.

That's all I got for ya for now. I'll keep ya posted on the newest renovations to the house. And don't forget to pray that someone buys my little MicroMachine-and soon! Cheers to everyone, enjoy your weekend!