Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a Day. What a Week. What a MONTH!

I'm apologizing now for my absence in the last month, but after you hear what's been going on, you'll understand!

The end of May kicked off wedding season for the summer of '08. Alex and I have attended 2 weddings so far and still have about 3, maybe 4, weddings to go! I guess we are at the point in our lives where everyone is getting married. Huh, what a concept.

Well, Alex's cute little house that he originally put an offer on finally got nixed. He has, though, found another house very close by that he apparently put in an offer in on Tuesday and just found out today that he GOT IT! He should be closing by the end of July and all moved in. It needs about a weekend's worth of renovations and a good crew of family to help out :) But it does have a 2-car garage and a wonderfully fenced in back yard. It's in a cute little neighborhood, actually a couple houses down from a nurse-friend of mine. So this really is a good deal.

My car is so close to its wit's end that I can taste it going bad. I had to add a full quart and another half of oil the other day just to keep the poor thing a-runnin. By the end of July I HAVE to be in possession of another car. I can't hardly stand it anymore!

We did just get back from New Orleans this last weekend and it was wonderful! I'll post pictures soon, but I don't have the energy right now to do that. We spent a fair amount of time down on Bourbon Street since Alex's brother, Aaron, is a manager of a bar called Razzoo down there, which in fact is one of the busiest bars on the strip. So that was quite the experience. And besides that, we spent time in the French Quarter, we attended the New Orleans Aquarium and watched a cool Imax film on the hurricane, and ate LOTS of fresh, oh-so-delicious seafood. I loved it! But coming back to work after a week off has been pretty rough this week, to say the least.

The weekend before our New Orleans trip, we went back home to McPherson for a quaint little wedding in Lyons, Kansas. It was Eric Duerksen and Cora Coleman's wedding-two people which we are really good friends with. Cora used to be my neighbor and Eric is one of my really good friends from high school. We used to eat "family dinner" together with them every Thursday and watch Grey's Anatomy. They now live in Wichita and we are very sad to see them go, but extremely happy for their marriage!

I have one more day this week and then I have the weekend off, and then yet another wedding to attend the weekend of the 4th, so our busyness will only continue.

Things with work are fine, still ready for a change and actively looking for "it."

Anyway, I'm on my own for dinner tonight. Think I'm gonna go whip up a Spinach and Asiago pasta dish. I know, sounds good, doesn't it. I'll post pictures sometime very soon, I promise!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ho hum

Well, it's now ANOTHER new month and I'm once again behind on my postings. I'll tell ya-the last month has been CUH-RAZY! I've interviewed for a new job, but don't think I'm going to take it. It's a lot of commitment and I don't really think it's something I'm willing to take the risk on. Orientation would be almost a year and I don't even know if this is "the job" I'm looking for. So, on to other opportunities. My applications are open for business and in full effect. To put it simply, I'm ready for a change.

Alex is still waiting to finalize a deal on the house he put in an offer for. I think he might have it, it's just a matter of tie-ing up the deal. Lord knows he needs this house.

Speaking of which, did I tell you that we inherited two-not one, but two medium sized dogs in the last few weeks? We have friends that have moved away and Alex "volunteered" to take both of them. One is Jozie, the full-bred Boxer who appears to look 1/2 Boxer and 1/2 Lab. And then there's Jake-he IS full Boxer and he is a BRICK HOUSE, as we like to call him. He's got a huge chest and he's the boss. Don't mess with his bones. Oh, and did I also mention that they are sharing OUR households? Uh-hem, our APARTMENTS with US! Yep, they live mainly at Alex's but they come and visit aunt Emily's apartment quite often. I mean, they are good dogs-but they are too big to be an apartment. Hence the need for Alex's house.

Anyway, we just got back from an exhilarating weekend in Weatherford, Oklahoma and I am pooped. My bed is full of clean clothes that need hung up so I suppose I need to hang those before I hit the sheets. Wish me luck. Oh, and wish me luck on my newly purchased Nutri-Calm. This has GOT to be the key to helping me sleep. I can't take Xanax forever!