Monday, August 31, 2009

Laugh It Up

So I was at work on Saturday and we were rather *slow.* (I say this with hesitancy because it is NEVER slow at work and we all are extremely superstitious, so we wouldn't want to ruin any good luck coming our way.) Michelle, one of the nurses who used to be full time on our floor but is now considered a "float" nurse, was saying how her ear was hurting. So we pulled out the otoscope to start examining each other's ear canals. It was discovered (and confirmed a previous "diagnosis") that I have a lot of wax buildup in my ears. I blame it on my sinuses, but that's another post. So we started talking about ear candles, and I piped in that I had bought some, but hadn't had a chance to use them yet-something I obviously need to do! And yes, I have used them before. A doctor-in-training just so happened to be standing there listening to our conversation, and looked at me and said "I suppose you use a neti-pot too." I said absolutely! So then our conversation evolved and everyone was poking fun at me for being the "homeopathic, naturopathic girl." It's fine, I'm really getting used to being "that girl" that they all poke fun at about *trying* to be healthy and as all-natural as possible. Hey, we'll just see who's laughing when they're the ones that are sickly and western medicine can't help them! Well actually I probably wouldn't be laughing, I be the one to offer the different alternative :) Then they will thank me for making their lives better, even if my practices were "weird." haha

Anyway, I just thought I share that quick tidbit of work "fun." In other news, we are all fine and dandy. Alex just finished his inventory month at work and is very glad it's over. According to his documentation, he worked just under 100 hours last week. He amazes me with his work habits and the fact that he never complains about it. I don't know how he does it. We are hoping that his boss comes through with the bonus that he's been speaking of for a year now, and it's looking as though he should get a substantial raise, as well. I am so proud of him and am glad that I'm marrying someone with such a strong work ethic!

I have been well, also. I've been continuing my weekly NAET treatments and have seen incredible results. I feel my body is continuing to get stronger and stronger in so many ways. I have also started attending a few new workout classes at a place called Fusion Fitness. The studio itself is literally just down the road from me and the classes are unbelievable. They vary from class to class, but the "Fusion Lite" class that we (as in my friend Maura and I) have mostly frequented is a mix of pilates, yoga, ballet and calisthenics. It is essentially a non-stop one hour class of everything from push-ups to weight lifting to downward-facing-dogs to ballet moves on a bar to sit-ups with a ball. It is one of those classes that you leave wondering if you can make it down the stairs to the parking lot! Check out more info about the classes, etc at I think I may have just found my newfound weekly (soon to be bi-weekly, once I get in better shape, that is) workouts! I'm also thinking that my 24 Hour Fitness membership may just go by the wayside. I don't think I can afford to do both! Any suggestions on what to do if I quit my gym? Any at-home-workout suggestions? Road workouts? DVD's? Tell me what you all do!

And of course wedding planning. Who can forget wedding planning! My best friend and maid of honor, Alyson Reimer, and I went dress shopping a few weeks ago, me fully expecting to browse around and have a day of relaxation. Turns out, I bought the dress of my dreams! It was completely unexpected and scary, but it is now one more thing checked off my list. And, I must say this The whole engagement and wedding planning is still so surreal to me, the fact that by this time next year, Alex and I will have already been newlyweds for almost 2 months! We also have our engagement pictures tentatively scheduled for October 31st, so we are pondering ideas as to where we may want those taken. Dan and Brenda Kliewer are doing our photography, so I know they will turn out beautiful! I can't wait!

Well, must go. I've got some packing to do for this upcoming weekend since I will be working the next few days. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to leave some comments! Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

My life has been an absolute whirlwind these days, hence the drought of posting. In a nutshell, here is what I've been doing:
-got engaged June 28, 2009
-started planning almost immediately; date set for July 10, 2010
-went home with the new fiance for a wonderful 4th of July weekend
-went home, again, for a dentist appointment and wedding planning
-worked on a few mini-projects around the house while Alex vacationed in New Orleans
-just returned home from my own vacation in Phoenix, Arizona
-while completing all of the above projects, I have somehow maintained my full-time position as a nurse at St. Luke's

The month of August is already set to bring in lots of activity. Alex is already headed into MHC's yearly inventory count, and I have a full calendar. I'm hoping that once September gets here we'll be able to kick back a little.

That's all I got for now. Will update more when I have the energy!