Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where did April go?

Can anyone believe that we are in the end of April? I mean really, where did the month go? I guess so many things have been happening lately that I've kinda lost track of time. This month has brought many fun times, some bad times, and a lot of new ideas. The first weekend was Alex's 23rd birthday (I know, he has SO much to learn at his young age) and we celebrated with a few friends. Here we are at a deserted bar pretending to be like the picture on the wall. Oh what we'll do for entertainment :)

The second weekend in April was the Sigma Tau Gamma White Rose Formal in Pittsburg, KS. This is a bi-annual dance that is put on by Alex's fraternity at Pitt State and all members and alumni are invited. It's usually a good time for everyone to get together, get dressed up and have a nice dinner/dance. Alex and I went in October this last year and had a great time. I guess this one was extra special because a lot of Alex's friends that are still there will be graduating this May, so it was the last time a lot of them would be able to get together for awhile. Here are some pics:

So that gives you an idea of our evening. We had a lot of fun with all of our friends!

On to the 3rd weekend in April....
Alex and I went to a Chevelle concert with a guy that Alex works with and is also a fraternity brother. Jon, the guy that went with us, was going to bring his wife (to keep me company) but she wasn't feeling well, so it was just the 3 of us. Keep in mind this was my first real concert EVER and Chevelle is more a hard rock kind of band. Not typically my kind of music. To make a long story short, Alex and Jon made their way to the front of the concert and left me in the back all by myself. Granted, I wanted no part of the "mosh pit" that was happening up in front, but I also didn't think I would be left all alone, not knowing a single lyric to any of their songs. Let's just say Alex and I had words after that evening of "fun." Don't think I'll be listening to anymore of Chevelle's music.

After a long last week of being sick with something like the flu on steroids, I finally decided by Saturday that it was time to venture out of the house. Alex got tickets from his work to the Nascar Truck Series race and the speedway here in KC. So even though it was a bit brisk with a 60% chance for scattered thunderstorms, I decided to take a chance and go. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon/evening and as long as I had my bag full of sweatshirts, raincoat, gloves and a few more layers, I was perfectly fine! It was fun to actually experience a race in real life- it really is a fascinating sport if you know a few things about it, and Alex sure does. After we got out of the bumper-to-bumper traffic afterwards though, I had about an hour left in me and I was EX-HAUSTED. I worked the next day, so needless to say I am still working on regaining my strength and energy after such a long stent of being sick. Don't worry family, I've got plenty of herbs!

In other news, my urge to find a new kind of nursing seems to be getting stronger and stronger. It's not that I don't like my current job so much as that it doesn't seem to be a job that is fitting in my lifestyle. The fact that in the 8 almost 9 months I have been working, I have yet to figure out a workout schedule that suits me. Basically my workouts have gone kaput. And for those of you who know me, working out is very much a priority in my life. On top of that, I can't seem to leave my work, at work. In the last 6 months, it seems that I have lost my ability to sleep soundly. It takes hours to really get to sleep and then when I am asleep, it seems that I wake up every time I roll over. I am generally getting tired, physically and emotionally. So at this point I am looking for a job that will leave me a few extra hours in the day to work out and have time to fix a decent meal. I am looking for more structure and something that would *hopefully* not require as many weekend hours, although if the other standards are met, working a weekend or two wouldn't kill me. I am currently looking into a position in surgery and continue to search for anything that jumps out at me. If anyone knows someone or of an opportunity in the Kansas City area, any heads up would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm starting to get very anxious about finding something new. Too bad money has to be an issue-otherwise I'd be working in a cute little doctor's office in a slow-paced, sociable environment! I guess I'll have to wait on that idea.

The only other news (finally) that I have is that Alex is looking to buy a house in the near future. Him and his family were looking this last weekend all around Kansas City and have yet to find something. He did find one, though, that is actually VERY close to me and is a cute home, but is a little over his budget. He extended a very low offer in hopes that maybe since it is a foreclosure, a lower price would be acceptable. We'll see. Let's just say both of us will be thankful when we are closer together so that we don't have to drive 20 miles one way every day to see each other! That's like driving to Hutchinson! It will save us both a lot of time and gas money.

Well, I suppose I will close. I have phone calls to make (including one to haggle with my apartment on WHY they are raising my rent by $60 a month when the market rate on my specific unit went DOWN. WHY??) and I'm going to attempt a mini workout for the first time in ages. I thought running up and down the halls at work was exercise enough?? And maybe a trip to the grocery store is in order...and Wal Mart for some new pillows...oh my, I need a Xanax.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just a quick note to give you a recap of my recent experiences. Here it is:
Went to a seminar on Saturday about getting involved in a lifetime time share/vacation opportunity. Won a trip to Las Vegas, we pay only $95 in taxes. Alex and I have considered going for my birthday in August.
Worked the last two days. Had my first drug-seeker in awhile. Called my first "Rapid Response," the step above a Code Blue. Admitted my first "status post" Cardiac Arrest patient. Am picking up my new shoes today. Getting my hair cut on Friday by a co-worker who is a hairdresser. Leaving for Pittsburg on Friday afternoon. Going to the Sigma Tau Gamma White Rose Formal on Saturday. Working three days in a row next week so I can go to the dentist and eye doctor. Can't wait to retire.

The End.