Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Am Still Alive!

Many of you have been wondering where I've been. Well here I am! Many things have been happening, but none too exciting.

We did, although, go on vacation, so I suppose that is exciting! Alex and I went with his parents and cousins to Colorado for the yearly ski outing. We went March 5-10, stayed at A's grandpa's condominium in Frisco, Co. They have a timeshare out there that they have access to about 4 times a year, usually once around that time. We arrived late Thursday night; Alex, Bags (dad) and I. We took Friday to acclimate to the altitude and did things like grocery shop, relax and snag a few sale deals at the ski shop. (Brand new Columbia ski pants on sale for like $60! What a steal! Oh, and Uggs for $110 instead of $180? Uh, where do I sign?)

Jana (Alex's mom,) Brad and Candra (Alex's cousins) arrived late Friday night with the intention to get up ski with us on Saturday. Well, Saturday turned into Jana, Brad and Candra shopping, and Bags sick in bed. Alex and I skied by ourselves at Copper Mountain and had a blast. Little frustrating to re-orient to skis again, but it was good. Sunday we all skied Copper again (except Bags, poor thing was in bed the WHOLE weekend!) Needless to say Monday rolled around and I was either A) sick or B) completely worn out because I couldn't bring my body to ski...too many aches and pains. They ended up only skiing til about 1 or so, the weather was getting a little nasty and they were tired. We had a great! steak dinner that night and proceeded to head home Tuesday morning after a quaint breakfast at the bakery down the road.

We got back to McPherson I think about 5 or so, and Alex had to work the next day, so we trucked it on back to Kansas City. Very long drive to say the least! My body was screaming for rest and Alex was screaming for another day off. The next day I wore myself out even more getting everything back in living order. I then worked three days in a row, had one day off, then was back on again. As predicted, my poor self was of course sick, again. Sinus infection and bronchitis, I'm sure. This continued on until about last Thursday when Alex finally said to me, "Babe, you sound terrible." And when Alex says that, you know you're really sick! That's when I broke down in tears and finally got an antibiotic, just to get me through.

This bring us up to the present. Still taking antibiotics, still working at the hospital (one more day this week) and still sniffling on occasion. But by-God, my vacation was fun! haha Don't have any pictures, really, to share but Candra is sending me some that she took. So I will post those as soon as I get a hold of them.

No other news, really, to report. Alex and I just live our lives one day at a time and pray that God is leading us in the right direction!

Hope everyone is well. Thanks for reading!