Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Did I Get Myself Into!

Alex and I (well, more just me I guess) have decided to finally start painting. One room at a time, of course. It all started when Alex was going to put up some plywood in the closet, and I was needing to prime and paint it. Well, this ignited my "desire" to paint the whole room. So this, my friends is what I have encountered so far.

After an afternoon at Wal Mart and Home Depot, I was then ready to start my project. After much debate as to what was really lying beneath the paint, I started to scrape. And this my friends, is what I found:It appears that there was a layer of orange paint, then a layer of pink paint, then a layer of textured wallpaper, then this dainty floral design that I think is just a covering for the drywall. Basically, there's lots of layers and what's at the bottom is really old.

This is my closet. Tiny, I know. But after a previous attempt to install a closet organizer, it was time to start over and put in something simple and efficient. To start, Alex installed this plywood in the back of the closet to thicken up the wall a little bit. No sense in installing another gadget and have screws sticking out the other side. So the next step is to prime and paint, then in goes the rods.

This my friends is the bottom layer on the walls. It is a thin paper that has been put over the dry wall. Not really wallpaper, just a thin paper with a design. I bet it was beautiful back in the day.And here's the progress. Half orange, half flowery. This will be pretty when I'm done with it.

So there ya go, my first home-remodeling project. Being done all by myself. We'll see how this turns out!