Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Got an Interview!

So for those of you that have been following my blog at all, you know that my current job situation isn't exactly ideal. So I have been hunting and hunting and hunting for new job opportunities, and just recently applied for about 4 jobs in the last week or so. And today, just as I happened to be ranting and raving to my mom on the phone about my next schedule and the holiday scheduling, etcetera etcetera, I got a "beep," alerting me that I had another call. It was a number that I didn't recognize, meaning that A) it was someone calling about my car or B) someone calling about a job. So no quicker than I could say "Mom, I'll call ya back," I clicked over, and low and behold it was a recruiter from Truman Medical Center wanting to set up a job interview. I put on my happy face and dug out my most cheerful, friendly voice and set up the interview for Monday morning. If you can't tell, I'm more than just a little excited-but I really don't want to get my hopes up yet. But yet I am hoping, just a little :)

So anyway, I'll work my Saturday this upcoming weekend...and oh yeah, the Sunday, too, that I somehow got switched to unexpectedly. Wasn't that nice of them. And then come Monday morning, I will tote myself off to this interview with all the bounciness and loveable-ness that I got-and hopefully get myself out of this toxic job. Everybody cross your fingers!!! I'll keep you posted...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arthritis and Cinnamon Rolls

Just a little note to update and blog about some of my recent encounters.

I continue to see Dr. David here in Kansas City for NAET, and I have had quite the time. So far, my symptoms are nothing like I could have ever imagined. In my second week of treatments, I began to feel the tremendous, overwhelming feeling of absolute exhaustion. The last time I remember feeling this way was in nursing school when it was all I could do to get through the day. This lasted about a week and a half, and then came on my next symptom which I have been experiencing for the last couple weeks.

Joint pain. Utter pain and throbbing throughout my whole body. It's in my fingers, my wrists, my shoulders, my CLAVICLES, my ankles, my toes....it's everywhere. I suppose this is what it's like to have arthritis. My question is if this means (which I assume it does) that my body is detoxing itself, is it safe to take some ibuprofen for pain and inflammation? Because it hurts. Bad. I came home from work last night and it was all I could do to just lay there. And throb. What can I do? Is this a natural thing to expect?

So Alex is made cinnamon rolls with orange flavored icing for breakfast and I put together a little fruit salad. Isn't that cute. He's quite the cook...at least one of us is a good cook!

Anyway, we're meeting up with a lot of friends tonight, so I suppose I better start getting ready. Besides, my fingers are starting to hurt.

Any comments are welcome!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Water and a Chewable Vitamin C

The last couple days I've been feeling a little "worn out." I can't tell if it's a side effect of the NAET treatments, or if I'm just getting a bit of a cold. My head is really congested and like I said I'm feeling run down, but other than that I'm ok. I know people are catching colds right now like nobody's business, but I also know that Dr. David told me that this feeling may be a result of my treatments. So who knows. Thankfully I've got a few days off to rest, then back to work.

The weekend was completely non-eventful since I had to work Saturday, but really that was fine. I can tell my body is screaming at me to rest, so that's what I'm doing. It's cold outside anyway, so it gives me more of a reason to snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket :)

It's finally stopped raining here, for now. We (as in Kansas City) have just been getting poured on for days, and now it's finally cleared off. The poor doggies are so upset that they can't be running around the yard in this beautiful 60 degree weather, but it's hard when the ground is all muddy and they come in looking like they've taken a mud bath. So they get mini-outings for now along with a few walks around the block to keep them happy.

No other news, really. Work is still work; still shopping around for a new job. I've applied to several places, and either I'm too late with the application or it's been filled by an internal employee. These outpatient surgery jobs are hard to come by, so I'll just keep looking. Shawnee Mission is still a possible option in the future, but I guess no positions right now. Supposedly the recruiter will call when a position opens up. Who knows when that'll be, though. Our census on my floor has been fairly low lately, so the possibility to be canceled is greater. It's sad when you look forward to those days every week. They actually did try to cancel me one day, but either they were calling the wrong number or my phone wasn't working right, because my phone never rang and they ended up canceling someone else. Now that was a bummer.

Anyway, better get back to my water and vitamin C. Hope everyone is well!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Wedding Weekend

Alex and I went to another wedding this weekend...I do believe we've been to 6 weddings so far this summer and have a least 2 more to go this fall, depending on our schedules. We both love going to weddings, mainly because we get to sit back and relax with friends that we probably haven't seen in awhile. So all the driving we have to do to GET to the weddings is just a mere bump in the road for us!

We got back last night and had just enough time to make some pizza and salad, and that was about it. We both have been so busy lately with work, deciding what projects to take on with the house, and weekend adventures, that we really have not had much time to sit around and relax.

I had mentioned in the last post that I was going to a NAET doctor here in Kansas City. I had my first visit last week, and came back with a bundle of information concerning my health. I have been to this sort of doctor before in hopes to get over my seemingly chronic illness', such as allergies, asthma, headaches and anxiety. According to Dr. David, my current NAET practitioner, my body is in a state of serious illness and is possibly on the verge of a stage 1 chronic illness. My body is "allergic to" and malabsorbing everything from minerals, B vitamins, sugar, proteins and calcium, which is why I am having such constant, outward symptoms of hay fever, asthma, anxiety, and headaches. And as sad as it is to hear that your doctor hasn't seen anyone this sick in months, it really is encouraging to hear that there is something that he can do about it. I've really been getting fed up with traditional MD's not believing my symptoms, and alas having no answer to them. It seems as though any medical doctor in the western medicine field has an answer to your symptom, and of course a pill to go with it...but never an answer to the root of the problem, and therefore making the basis of all problems, worse.

Sometimes I wonder to myself, "Why am I, of all people, the one with all the health problems?" I feel like I am the one who has always been self-conscious about my weight, always eaten a fairly-healthy diet, and had somewhat of an interest in nutrition and health. So why me? Why isn't it the average Joe walking around the streets that eats fast food for every meal, never exercises, and doesn't give one hoot about their health? Sometimes it really seems as though that's the case. And of all the things that I have tried to trace my health problems back to, the only thing that I can come up with is my prenatal care. I really have no idea what kind of nutrition and care I had before I was born, but why else would a health-concious, nutrition-driven 25 year old be on the verge of chronic illness? It just doesn't make sense.

So anyway, I guess I'm on the road to a healthy recovery. I know it's gonna be a lot of work and I know I have some long weeks ahead of me. But let's just hope this time it works. I don't know how many other options there are out there....

Well, better get going. Please pray for me in the next few weeks, as I'll be starting my intensive treatment with my doctor. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, they say summer is over. It's currently 61 degrees, looking forward to a high of 68 today. All hopes of 90 and 100 degree weather are gone for they year, so they say. And sadly enough, I didn't make it out ONCE to my apartment complex pool to bask in the heat and get a beautiful, glowing tan. Where did the summer go? I guess it went to work, it went to a lot of weddings, and a whole lot of running around Kansas City. So I guess my tan will have to wait til next year.

Went to a wedding down in Wichita this last weekend. It was really fun, mainly for the fact that a trip down to Wichita for the weekend, for us anyway, is like a vacation. We got to see lots of McPherson people and it was good to let loose and be away from Kansas City/work for the weekend, for the both of us. Alex has been working ridiculously hard lately, which in turn has for some reason really wore me out, as well. But all is good now; Alex is working less hours and the summer madness is slowing down.

Here is the uninvited guest to the wedding this weekend. He was a precious Great Dane, (which most Great Dane's are wonderful pets-just big) but was bigger than anything that I have EVER seen. I really wasn't scared of his "bigness" at all, just a little scared of that tongue that could've jumped out at me at any time! Thus, my facial expression showing this fear. Found out it was owned by one of the workers at this little farm, and was taken home by a kid by getting on a four-wheeler and tying him to the back to jog behind. What a beast! By the way, his paws were a little bigger than my own hand.

Alex is moved into his house, now just organizing and prioritizing what project to start on first. The doggies love their back yard, but also have the luxury of sleeping on their own little beds in the spare bedroom. They're so spoiled. Look at those eyes!

One of the first projects that Alex took on with the house was hauling off some rotting wood from the back yard, leftover from an old fence, or something. This was actually quite the task because of some questionable termites underneath that could have the potential to migrate towards the house, if he wasn't careful. Oh and by the way-here is one of the many SNAKES that was found underneath it, too!! How disgusting. I don't have any pictures, but there has also been quite the slug problem around here, too. We have spotted many of them at a time in the front lawn, sidewalk, and walkway, and terrifyingly enough-inside the house, as well. I've had two run-ins, myself, with slugs on the kitchen floor and on the wall. They absolutely terrify me, to say the least. They look like small aliens, for heavens sakes! What do they want??!!! and Why are they here??!!!

Last but not least, the ole Eclipse is still for sale. Will someone PLEASE buy it? It's a good little car, I promise! Check it out on craigslist.

Must go for now. Have an appointment with a NAET doc in a couple hours. We'll see if he can do anything about my allergies/asthma/headaches/anxiety....