Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opinion Poll

.....Because I know so many of my readers have an opinion!

So I went to see Dr. David yesterday, and he had a few things to advise me on.

I presented him with my food diaries that I had worked ever-so-diligently on for the last two weeks. These food diaries contained every bit of my nutrition intake and output for two solid weeks. Food, water, what food group, any other beverage consumption, bowel movements-frequency and consistency, and so on, and so forth. I was rather disturbed about having to do these, basically because I didn't quite know what his purpose was for me doing them. So when I presented them to him yesterday, he got out his yellow highlighter and started mumbling. In a nutshell, here is what he said:

I must cut out all fruit, for now. Fruit has too much sugar and it is feeding the yeast in my body (which is essentially what I am trying to get rid of. The yeast is everywhere.) He said maybe by summer I could start back on some "mild" fruit such as blueberries.

I also must cut out grains and/or carbohydrates. He says the carbs are also feeding the yeast. And somewhere in his ramblings, he went on about how Americans...well, actually humans in general, have been taught to eat lots of grains and carbs, when really there are no essential carbs. He believes that humans are carnivores and that they don't need much more than meat. Carbs, as he says, will almost always be turned into fat and they are very hard to ever lose, which leads me into my next point.

My main point here is that he wants me to eat meat. Lots of meat. Back to the statement that humans are carnivores, they should eat lots of meat. And my reply was, "so if I eat some meat, what can I eat with it?" He says you don't need much more than meat, or protein for that matter. He says if we eat pounds of protein every day, by the time your body uses all its energy to process it and store it, we only get a few ounces of protein. And protein will never turn to fat. Back to my statment, what do I eat with it? Salad? Vegetables? Potatoes? What? Which brings me to my last point.

He says that vegetables are ok, but we don't really need as much as we've been told. He says that high fiber foods are ok, but this high fiber diet that we've been told to eat may be more harmful than good due to the high rise in colon cancer since the FDA starting pushing fiber. So, basically I'm supposed to eat meat. Beef, lamb, pork, fish and eggs. Lots of eggs. And maybe a few vegetables, but not too many. Oh, and really a couple meals a day will do 'ya. No need to "graze" all day long, if you get enough protein that is.

Now I know all you readers will have an opinion on this one. I would love to hear everyone's stances and what you would do.

In other news, things are fine in this neck of the woods. Nothing too exciting, just waiting for the warm weather to get here. Actually, this 20 and 30 degree weather has felt like a heat wave! We've had lots of sunshine, too, the last couple of days, which makes me a much more productive person. I told Alex I think we should move somewhere where it's warm all the time. Like Arizona, Texas or even Florida. His reply consisted of suggestions where there was an MHC branch, such as Denver or Memphis. Eh, not my idea of a good time right now. ha

Alright, must get going. I suppose I have a few things to do today! Feel free to reply with your ideas!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

Sundays are always nice and calm. I really look forward to them.

While Alex is snoozing on the couch, I've done a few things, but not much more than just cuddle with the doggies and watch a TV show on extreme water parks. I did, though, do some dishes and make a little breakfast this morning. I attempted blueberry pancakes at first, but apparently I had the heat up too high, or something, because they did NOT turn out right. So I settled for a slice of bacon (I know, gross and terrible) and some fruit salad.

It's a little drury out today. Cold, too. I worked yesterday then we went down south to watch Alex's old boss play in a concert. They have a little band that plays 80's and 90's cover rock songs. They are actually pretty good. The bar they were playing out was actually at capacity when we got there, so we had to stand outside for like 30-45 minutes in the cold until they let us in. But it was fun. Made for a long day though.

So I've been using my new food dehydrator a lot lately. I haven't quite gotten the hang of everything, but I think if I try to do everything I want at least once, then the next time it will actually turn out right :) I am have some troubles with drying banana slices, and that's one of the things that I've wanted the most. I just can't get them to crisp up like the store-bought ones. Any suggestions?

Alright, better get back to my "busy day." I might make a snack and see about curling up with a blanket on the couch. That sounds nice!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Headaches, Death, Dogs and Winter

As you can see by the name of my post, my life has been filled with all sorts of ups and downs recently.

The last couple days I have a had a little headache, the kind that are caused by the a little vertebrae in my neck going out, then all the muscles around it get all tensed up and in a frenzy, causing a massive migraine headache. Last night I thought going to Yoga would kick it. You know, a little relaxation and breathing exercises, maybe a little stretching would help. Well it did help, but it also gave me some sore upper back muscles, as well. (I'm very weak in that area.) So when I woke up this morning with a sore back AND headache, I said something has GOT to be done! First I took a bubble bath, still had a headache. So I called my massage therapist/nurse intern friend who has given me a couple other massages and left her a very pathetic message asking if should could get me in today. She called back a short time later and said she could get me in at about 12:30. Hallelujah! So I laid down with my warm pack for about an hour and then headed down to Olathe. I only had her give me a 30 minute one, just so she could really concentrate on my back. And whatdya know, 30 minutes later and I got up and had no headache! Massage therapists really are amazing. I don't know how anyone can go there whole life without one!

So I'm home now and all is calm, and I am happy. Alex is out "shooting" with some of the guys this morning. Well it was supposed to be just a morning thing...huh. It's 2:30pm now. haha The doggies have been enjoying the last couple days being able to be outside a little more. It's hard when it snows/melts/snows/melts because then the dogs come in with muddy paws. And of course we have to sit out in the garage and take the time to wipe off each and every speck of mud off before they can come in. So when the ground is dry and sun is shining, all is good. I think today might be our last day of good sunshine for awhile, though. I hear it's suppose to be a high of 12 tomorrow, or something like that.

Work has been crazy-as usual. But it is winter time now, which means patients are sicker and we are much busier than we are any other time of the year. I remember this time last year I was wondering how much longer I could take it, and if nursing was really the right career for me! I still wonder that from time to time, but really could not imagine myself doing anything else. Helping people is what I was meant to do.

Along with sicker people at the hospital come death and dying, as well. I have been lucky enough to be involved in the care of some very sick people recently. And when these people are that sick, along comes with that is the ethics side of nursing. I've taken classes on such topics and have been told that I would eventually have to deal with these things. Well, the last couple weeks have finally brought me several [all at once] situations that involve very intense, life-changing issues. I'll save you all the details, but basically I've dealt with a 78 year old with no living will, durable power of attorney or statement saying what he wants with all of this belongings...and oh yeah, he's about to die, can't speak, and cannot appoint anyone to speak for him. I've also had an experience with an 87 year lady who IS a "do no resuscitate, do not intubate" (DNR/DNI) but somehow was talked into having surgery to place a feeding tube. Both of which were things specifically stated in her advanced directive that she did not want. And one other case in which we had a fairly young man that was on our floor post-operatively for approximatley 4 months before he was discharged home with a home health nurse. Well, to tell you the truth, this man was an all-out jerk and nothing we did was ever good enough for him. Now, needless to say, he went home and proceeded to tell the home health nurse that he did not know at all how to take care of himself with all of this equipment (which is a flat out lie) and so the HH nurse told him that maybe he shouldn't have been discharged from the hospital . So now he's already filed a grievance with the hospital and there's a good chance we will be getting sued. "We" meaning everyone involved in his care. Including me. But we'll see what happens. Enough of all this negativity!!

Our New Year's was pretty laid back. We made our way over to our friend's Bret and Alyson Reimer's house. I think we stayed over there til about 3:30 am playing Mad Gab. I know I know, we're some big partiers!!

Alright well I better get on with my day. Starting tomorrow I'm working a 3-day stent, then home for another lasering of my eyes. My Lasik has gone a little blurry, and it's time for an enhancement. So this time next week I'll have new eyes, again! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Thanks for reading!