Saturday, September 29, 2007

Honestly, who works on a SATURDAY?

As much as I am loving my job, working weekends really isn't my cup of tea. I can't stand the thought of all the social events going on without me! Because I had to work today, I could only attend the housewarming/engagement party going on last night for a few hours (only to stay up too late, of course); I missed attending a K-State football gathering today at my friends' house, AND I missed out on going to Atchison with Alex to watch Kasey Klenda play soccer and celebrate his 21st birthday! And now that I am finally home from work, I'm too tired from staying up too late last night to even think about meeting up with anyone! So I guess I'll stay in. Honestly, I think this might be the first time I've stayed in on a Saturday since I moved here!

Even though I know I'll be FINE by staying in tonight, the cool thing about NOT staying in is that it shows how much more energy I have now. Looking back at this time last year, I was struggling through my 3rd semester of nursing school, hanging out at Scott's ALL THE TIME, and doing nothing but studying and sleeping. And the thought of working 12 hour shifts would not have even been feasible! So in comparison, it is obvious that my health and energy have skyrocketed! It's so great to finally discover the youngster in me! And as Alex says, "You're always doing something...I have to schedule plans with you like a month in advance!" It is true; I am very busy all the time and I absolutely love it that way!

This is my "before" picture: September 2005
And this is my "after" picture: August 2007

So cheers to being 24, being healthy, and being a nurse! (Does this mean I can have a glass of wine now? haha)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Real quick, I just wanted to put in my two cents for the day.

As I was hustling and bustling at work yesterday, I stopped. I thought to myself "this is what I've been wanting my whole life. I am finally doing not only what I went to school for, but what I LOVE to do...helping people.

Actually, I am technically on orientation. I am supposed to following around a preceptor to get to know the routine and become comfortable. I am supposed to be doing that until the beginning of November, and then take a "small load" of patients to transition into being a real, live nurse. Well, yesterday was my 3rd day on orientation, and my preceptor felt that I could handle my own. So the three patients that we were assigned to, she let me go ahead and assume the role of the nurse and then consult her with any questions I had. (Which obviously I had tons!) But I was it. I was the real deal. When the doctor called with a question, the call was referred to ME! I even called a doctor myself to clarify some orders on sending a patient was the scariest thing I have done so far!

But when I stopped in that hallway and looked around, it was the coolest feeling knowing that I have finally achieved my goal! And I can finally wear a stethoscope around my neck with my name badge gleaming: Emily RN, BSN!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another wonderful day

I love that lately, every day I wake up with a smile on my face. It seems like it's been so long since I have been this happy!

I know I haven't really given you any background on this, but Alex Koehn and I have been hanging out a lot lately and getting to know each other. So far this has been one of those relationships that you would never expect (which is by far the best kind!) We seem to get along so well! He is such a gentleman; he has taken me out to dinner numerous times, opens the door for me, and has even fixed me dinner! It's just so nice to have someone like that after being lost for what seems like ages. And whether or not he is my soul mate, he still makes me happy and is a great friend! I guess I'm just so excited to have someone in my life again, although sometimes it does make me a little uneasy that he is so wonderful-Scott was wonderful too, and look what happened there!

Being in a quasi-relationship is a scary thing for me. I absolutely love to have the companionship, but after thinking that I had found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with, it has really made me ponder the thought of "how do you ever know who is the right person?" And even though Alex and I haven't even had the "Define the Relationship" talk, otherwise known as the "DTR," it still makes me wonder. Any advice for a young, naive, single woman such as myself would be much appreciated!

Anyway, enough about my "cloud 9" talk! I could talk about it all day! I am loving these new-found butterflies in my stomach and all the moments when I close my eyes and realize all the great things that God is bringing my way!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Personal Beginning

Hello all! I suppose I'll start off by introducing myself (even though the only people that are probably reading this already know me!) My name is Emily, I'm 24 years old and I am here to tell everything that is happening in my life.

Now, you say, "Why do I want to know everything that is going on in Emily's life?" Well, you probably don't. But recently it seems that so much has been changing and evolving in my life, but unfortunately I never seem to have the time to share these things with the people I'm closest to. Therefore, here is my blog.

I think I should throw in a disclaimer right about now saying that I am NOT an experienced writer, unlike my other fellow bloggers and family members in which their postings could actually be published in books. Keep in mind that I am strictly here to inform my family members and friends of my ever-changing life-happenings!

Ok, here we go. I will begin with the past couple of months, but will spare you all the history up til then since most of you are caught up through about July!!

As most of you know, I spent my ENTIRE summer preparing for the NCLEX exam, which is the licensing exam that all nurses are required to take in order to obtain the "R," or "registered," in the name "Registered Nurse." I was very confident in myself and felt that the two months of studying was really going to pay off. Well, to make a long story short, I took my exam July 12 (finally) and found out two miserable days later that I had failed. Yes, failed. Even with all the studying, practice questions (all 3,000 of them), note cards, positive self-talk and re-assurance from everyone around me telling me that there was no way that I could ever fail that exam, I still failed. I took 365 questions (the maximum amount) and walked out of the test trying to hold back my tears, only to make it on the elevator before they started flowing like wine. I knew I had failed. I went to my car and sobbed to my mom over the phone as I wondered if I could even make the drive home to McPherson from Wichita. When I got home, the tears had FINALLY stopped and I was exhausted. I have never in my life felt so emotionally and physically drained. The rest of the day was spent intermittently crying to my mom and dad as I was nuzzled up against them like a sick, pathethic puppy. I was worthless! And the worst part was that I was forced to wait two more days before I had the confirmed failing results.

Here's where the real story begins! Two days later I began my big move up to the Big Apple of Kansas, otherwise known as Kansas City. Little did I know that the minute that I started moving up to Kansas City, almost every aspect of my life was going to change. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I was now going to be living in a new city, in a new apartment, meeting completely new friends, and becoming a "real" person working 40 hours a week! (Actually it's only 36, but still.) Oh and who can forget paying my own bills, starting payments on my loan debts and financially supporting myself. Did I say paying my own bills?

Well, I think that's enough for now. Besides the fact that my ADD seems to be kicking in, my eyes are tired and I need to get lots done before my fabulous weekend begins! So keep checking back and hopefully soon I will have you all up to date. Thanks for reading!