Friday, July 10, 2009

We're Gettin' Hitched!

On June 28, 2009 (it was a Sunday,) we had been finishing up putting on the last coat of paint in the spare bedroom. We had ran some errands, ate a dinner of 2-day old leftovers, and headed out for a walk with our two dogs, Jake and Jozie. It was a beautiful evening; no wind and not too hot. I had made a comment how it was a beautiful night, and Alex just smiled and kept on walking. He was being really quiet as we walked, holding hands and trying to keep up with the dogs.

About midway through the walk, Alex had mentioned how walking the dogs together is one of his favorite "mini-dates." Again, we kept right on walking, trying to keep up with the dogs. He had been looking around a lot it seemed like, and in the back my devious little mind, I was thinking "maybe he's looking for a place to propose?" But then the realistic side of my brain kicked in and said, "Nah, get that out of your head!" (Later, I found out that he actually was planning on proposing on our walk, but didn't find a "special" place to do it!)

So we finished up our walk and I headed into the spare bedroom to shut off the lights and close the window as we were getting ready for bed. Alex came in the room and I told him how the walls were looking really good and that it was finally looking like a real room again. He agreed, and came over to give me a hug. At that point he started saying how this was our first project together and how he wanted there to many more. I was completely naive, and replied "yeah, me too." After those words, I really have no idea anything he said. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee, in the middle of the room with the paint cans and drop cloths, asking me to marry him! After I realized that this was for real and he really wasn't kidding, I finally said "yes!" He put the ring on my finger and I was incessantly crying, hugging and kissing him!! Finally after about 10 minutes of this, I looked down and actually saw this ring on my finger:

Then, I looked at Alex and said, "what do we do now?!" He said "we can call people tomorrow, I'm tired!" I said "absolutely not," and proceded to call/text everyone I knew!

We have set the date for July 10, 2010 at the First United Methodist Church in McPherson, KS. Please stay tuned as more of our wedding plans come together.

About the ring:
We had looked at rings back in March at a couple different "chain" jewelry stores around Kansas City. I found a couple I liked, but Alex said he wanted mine to be one-of-a-kind and have it made. I said whatever. We also decided that we would like to buy from somewhere local, instead of one of the chain stores so that we were getting the best bang for our buck, as well as better quality. So this ring was made by Scott's Diamond Design in Overland Park, KS and is a combination of all the rings that I picked out. It is just gorgeous! And I must say, it looks much better on my hand, but darnit, it is absolutely impossible to take a decent picture of it! So there it is. Lovely, isn't it?