Saturday, July 12, 2008

All Is Calm

Today is the first day in literally MONTHS that I have spent a Saturday ALONE and at my apartment, vegging on the couch. And I must say that it's been kinda nice. Unfortunately, Alex is home yet again, but sadly because his Grandma Kathy died a few days ago. So the pups and I are having some quality mom-dog time and I am taking full advantage of this quiet, rainy afternoon. Needless to say, though, my allergies have taken over me today, so I haven't had much of a choice but to rest my weary, watery eyes and clean the 'ole air purifier. I'm hoping sometime today I'll get around to do some other things around the apartment, like laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. We'll see what happens.

In other news, my teeth have been the center of my attention for about the last 7 months, and unfortunately they still are. After numerous trips to the dentist, I still have teeth and a couple jaws that are killing me. I've heard every excuse from that I grind my teeth at night, to that the filling wasn't sanded down right, to finding a fracture on the top of my tooth, to my old silver fillings sitting on top of a nerve. But yet it still hurts. It's a good thing I have dental insurance, but this is still costing me a pretty penny. I'll keep ya posted on how things turn out.

So my search for a car has begun-well at least it's actually active now. I've been researching the web for months upon months to decide what I would like to buy to replace my MicroMachine of a car. I think I've got my choices narrowed down and am on a mission. I did find a beauty of a Jeep the other day, but we'll see how it works out. It would be one of those cars that when I roll up in your driveway with it, I would be like, "Did you see that car? Yeah, it's mine." Let me give you some quick stats, and you can be the judge of whether YOU would like it.
-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
-Charcoal colored (a black/gray mix-absolutely beautiful)
-all-leather seats with heated driver and passenger seats
-built-in, in-dash navigation system
-DVD player in the back seat
-here's the kicker: HEMI v8 engine
It has a HUGE engine and TONS of power which I really don't need, but the thing is beautiful and it has every option I could ever ask for.

Anyway, here are some New Orleans pictures, like I promised. We were so "on the go" the whole time, that it was tough to stop for photo-op's. But I did the best I could.

Here is some quick pics of our time on Bourbon Street. Aaron manages a 3 bars down there, so we made our way down there on the nights that he worked. The neon sign is a classic example of the "classiness" you would find down there. Lots of strip clubs and gay bars, in case the need should arise. HA

Here is the classic hurricane-hit house. This is actually 2 houses down from Aaron, and is sadly not uncommon. See that orange "x?" That is the symbol for when they inspected it, when it was evacuated, how many animals were found, and also how many dead bodies were found. This one actually had 3 bodies found in it. It's so very sad, but these people really had no idea what was coming.

Here is the inside of that house. All houses that were damaged most likely had to be stripped down to the studs and basically rebuilt. I wonder where those bodies were? (By the way, Alex would have NO part of inspecting the inside of the house with me! Too creepy, I guess.)

Here is the house next the one from above. It looks decent, but do you spy the FEMA trailer in the front lawn? Yeah, not unusual.

And the house on the other side. There were so many beautiful homes around there, right in between the ugly, hurricane-damaged shacks.

A typical scene from Bourbon street-on a Wednesday night. It's a pretty poppin place.

And who can forget Aaron and Rachel's precious little dog that we spend oh-so-much time with. Meet Gypsy, a mutt that appears to be a mix between a terrier or some kind and maybe a lab, or something.

Here's the view looking towards the French Quarter and the French Market. Lots of vendors, souvenirs and festivals that take place here.

And here we are overlooking Lake Pontchatrain (sp?). I guess people can take cruises out of here.

Alright, must close. My head is pounding and my sinus' are screaming. Time to lay down again.