Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...Keep Those Doggies Rollin...

Today Alex and I got up and somehow had the motivation to clean the garage. Well, sorta. Let's rewind a bit, shall we? Some of you may not know this, (or maybe all of you do) but I moved in with Alex at the beginning of March. I have always been a believer in not living together until you're married. The whole "starting your life together begins when you're married" has always been something that I supported whole-heartedly. But when Alex bought his house back in August of '08 about 7 miles from my apartment complete with a fenced in back yard for the dogs, our commute to see each other turned into me commuting daily to his house. My apartment became chopped liver. There was no need for Alex to come over, especially with the dogs. So I finally made the decision that it was no longer economically correct for me to continue throwing away money on my unused (but cute) apartment.

Alex and I had had many discussions on this matter, as well as what our future was looking like. After deep consideration and in depth talks together, I decided that it might work out ok. So I moved in. Which brings us to the present...

Since I moved in in March, the garage has been stuffed full with boxes and furniture, due to the fact that apparently a two bedroom house is a lot smaller when there are two packrats living in it. Alex and I together have so much stuff. So today, with it being slightly breezy but still decently warm, we made the effort to haul a lot of the boxes up into the attic, which is basically the only storage area we have. I still ask myself why it is necessary to keep all this stuff, but somehow I just can't part ways with "it."

Then Alex's dad, Bags, came up from McPherson. He got here about 12:45 and he and Alex headed out to the racetrack at about 1:30. Alex got tickets from work for the Indy car race and the Truck Series race, so Bags and him are going to the truck series today, and A and I will go to the Indy Car race tomorrow. Jana, Alex's mom, will be here this afternoon helping a friend with a moving situation, then will head this way to spend the evening and night. So all in all it should be a nice weekend to spend with "the folks." Mom, maybe you and Dad could come up for a night sometime?

We have been talking about doing some work on the house for a long time, but have never had the money, time, or energy to do it. Plus, I told A that I don't want to do anything too major until we are officially a married couple. (I gotta draw the line somewhere ya know.) So we thought we might do some smaller projects that would spiff up the house enough so that maybe, you know, we might be able to have some friends over and it would look presentable! Our first project, we thought, that would improve the house's appearance ten-fold, turns out might not be as easy as we thought. The main family room and both bedrooms both are in desperate need of some new paint jobs. But as we found out just a couple days ago, we think the walls are just a dry wall with wall paper, and then painted over. So it's looking like it might be a better (and smarter) idea just to knock the walls out and "re-do" them. New drywall, better insulation, maybe wire in some lights in the ceiling. Fairly cheap to do, just takes the labor. Alex's friend Jon did this to his entire basement all on his own in a matter of about a week, so Jon thought maybe with the two of them together, they could knock this whole room out and be done with it in a 3-4 day timeframe. I say fine, if they hop on it and just get it done. This whole home-repair thing really stresses me out, so whatever they can do in as short of a time frame as possible would be good.

Better get going. Gotta get to the gym and run a few errands before Jana arrives. Thanks everyone for reading, and for being the supportive family (and friends) that you are!