Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 18

I cannot believe I am 18 weeks, almost 19! The holidays have come and now here we are [almost] in the New Year. The year that Baby Koehn will be born! Ahhh!

I have been feeling pretty great the last few weeks. I actually have some energy now to get back to an almost-normal schedule. I thought this would never happen. I am able to eat normally again (sans red meat in any proportion) and am back to a pretty good exercise regimen. One complaint I do have is that I can't do the workouts I was doing before. My dr said I could continue whatever I was doing pre-pregnancy, however I am not allowed to get my heart rate above 140. What??? My heart rate gets to 140 while walking at 3.4 mph with a 1% incline! Ughh. So I have kept my workouts to minimum of walking/elipitcal/yoga with some very mild resistance exercises. I can't wait to resume my running and Fusion Fitness workouts post-baby. Staying thin and exercising intensely truly makes me a happier person. I know, I'm weird. I have to reassure myself on a daily basis that I will eventually get my body least most of it : )

We had a wonderful Christmas at home with our families and got some really great stuff. I was glad that baby stuff was kept to a minimum, only because it reminds me that we are still just two people. Alex and I are determined to welcome this baby with open arms, but try and not be those parents who get too obsessed with their children. We very much value our marriage and the time we spend together. I will love this baby unconditionally without forgetting my dear husband and the life we have together.

Here are my latest cravings/feelings:
- Feelings that this pregnancy is REAL. There really is a little Koehn in there.
-Small, fluttery feelings in my upper belly. It's still hard to tell if it's the baby or just little gas bubbles. They tell me it's probably baby : )
-An increase in appetite. I didn't think I could eat more than I was before! My stomach is a bottomless pit. Scary.
-A lot of anxiety about weight gain and not looking like my old, skinny, self. It's getting better, I just have to keep reassuring myself that it's ok.
-A lot of thoughts about the day to day responsibilities of having a baby. I am surprisingly not as nervous as I thought I would be about it.

I think that's all I've got for now. Happy New Year, everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 16

This post has been a draft in progress for about a week now....guess I need to post it and move on : ) Just in time for the 17 week post!

Hmmm....well apparently I missed a week...or so. Time seems to flying by recently! We had our 4 month appointment this week and things seem to going well. We find out in a few short weeks if we are having a boy or a girl! Can you believe that? It's amazing to me that that baby just keeps on growing! Things to note for this week:

-Baby's heart rate is 150. Girl or boy? Guess away.
-I've gained 10 pounds since the beginning of this pregnancy. O.M.G. Does this freak me out a little? Yes. Maybe more than a little.
-My belly is now showing through even my baggiest scrubs. It's no secret anymore!
-Favorite foods: Pita chips and roasted red pepper hummus, cheese, Wheat Thins and dried fruit (cherries, bananas, and fruit leather seem to sound most appealing). I'll eat anything salty. Pickles, chips, cheese dip, bologna.....yes, you heard me. I went through a couple days where I HAD to have a bologna sandwich for lunch. Yuck, I know. I'm especially hungry right after work. I'm starving right when I get home! Also, the last few days I've been craving Chai Latte's and lots of lemon slices in my water.
-Least favorite foods: Steak or any slab of red meat as well as sweet potatoes in any form (this has been since the beginning of my pregnancy.)

Alex and I have been having lots of discussions about what we want our "parenting style" to be like, as well as our discipline strategies, support for each other, etc etc etc. So far he has been really great about being open to this new addition to the family, with only one big disagreement so far. I think our ongoing struggle will always be about how much Alex works. He IS a workaholic. So this is still in debate as to how we will attack this.

I've talked to Alex for several weeks now about starting to take pictures of my belly and we never can seem to remember. So tonight after my quick yoga workout, I finally snapped a really terrible picture with my phone, but at least that's a start. Here it is:

Hmm, what else. I think that's good for this week. More to come next week!